AQUA PLY PLUS® is a pressure-treated version of our AQUA PLY. AQUA PLY PLUS is pressure-treated with AQUA SEAL® oxide formulated preservatives and kiln-dried to uniformly low moisture content. The preservative treatment is fixed into the cellular structure of the wood to prevent fungal decay (dry rot) and attack by termites. The panels are kiln-dried after treating to maintain stability, flatness, and good resin adhesion. AQUA PLY PLUS is fully covered under our AQUA TECH® Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • AQUA PLY PLUS® is a fully pressure-treated version of natural AQUA PLY®. 
  • AQUA PLY PLUS panels are manufactured, graded, and regularly audited in accordance with APA Engineered Wood Association rules. 
  • AQUA PLY PLUS is manufactured using balanced construction techniques with Western Group I veneer (face-core-back) and marine-type high solid-content exterior glue.
  • AQUA PLY is uniformly kiln-dried to 12% moisture content after pressure-treating and graded as AQUA PLY PLUS.
  • AQUA PLY PLUS panels carry a lifetime limited warranty against fungal decay, against attack by termites, and against manufacturing defects like delamination. See the AQUA TECH® Warranty for full details.