AQUA PLY® is a raw specialty plywood panel designed, engineered, and manufactured for tough marine applications. It is manufactured with all Group I veneers and marine-type exterior glues. Each panel is certified and graded for strength, stability, and flatness. AQUA PLY is warranted against glue-line failure and delamination.

  • AQUA PLY® panels are manufactured, graded, and regularly audited in accordance with APA Engineered Wood Association rules. 
  • The AQUA PLY wood honeycomb cell structure is remarkably strong, light in weight, and has tremendous fatigue and impact resistance.
  • AQUA PLY is manufactured using balanced construction techniques and advanced plywood production technology.
  • AQUA PLY is comprised of all Group I veneer (face-core-back) bonded with marine-type high solid content exterior glue.