AQUA CEL - Smooth

AQUA CEL® - Smooth is a closed cell, rigid expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) panel with a high-grade smooth matte finish for use in marine upholstery applications.  It is an ideal alternative to plywood because it has high strength, consistent density, low water absorption numbers, and superior screw and staple holding properties.  AQUA CEL - Smooth is easy to cut, shape, form and glue.  It is UV stable and more resistant to saltwater corrosion and weathering than comparable PVC panels in its class.

  • AQUA CEL® - Smooth carries an excellent strength to weight ratio that adds substantial stiffness and flexural strength to upholstered parts with very little weight gain. 
  • Its inherent moisture resistance and low-level specific gravity give AQUA CEL - Smooth a positive flotation rating. This means AQUA CEL – Smooth is lighter than water and it floats.
  • AQUA CEL – Smooth is an ideal upholstery panel because of its superior screw and staple holding properties. Independent tests conducted under ASTM D1761 testing procedures show staple withdrawal numbers that are over 34% better than plywood and screw holding numbers that are over 40% better than plywood. 
  • Typical AQUA CEL – Smooth end-use applications include marine seat bottoms and backs, marine combing panels, upholstered pads, outdoor cabinetry, box bases, kick plates, and foot rests.
  • AQUA CEL – Smooth comes in three standard colors that have proved to be more color-fast than other comparable foam PVC boards. Standard colors are white, light gray and black.