AQUA CEL - Abraded

AQUA CEL® - Abraded is a closed cell, rigid expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) panel that is specially engineered and manufactured to be lightweight fiberglass core material.  It has a rough, abraded surface texture especially developed to modify the panel surface area for enhanced bonding capabilities.  AQUA CEL® - Abraded bonds well with epoxies, polyesters, vinyl esters, and polyurethanes.  It has high strength, consistent density, low water absorption numbers, and superior screw and staple holding properties. 

  • AQUA CEL® - Abraded is made with a revolutionary cellular formulation that assures high-strength and consistent density. It is a closed cell structure panel with extremely low water absorption values. 
  • AQUA CEL - Abraded is a comparatively lightweight core material used to carry shear and compressive loads in conventional fiberglass sandwich laminates.
  • AQUA CEL - Abraded is compatible with virtually all resin systems, bonding well with epoxies, polyesters, vinyl esters, and polyurethanes. 
  • Typical structural substrate end-use applications include boat floor liners, side panel reinforcements and backing panels where seats, hatches, throttles and instruments are mounted.
  • AQUA CEL – Abraded is an ideal core substrate because of its superior screw and staple holding properties. Independent tests conducted under ASTM D1761 testing procedures show staple withdrawal numbers that are over 34% better than plywood and screw holding numbers that are over 40% better than plywood.