AQUA BEAM PLUS® is a specially engineered, long length industrial panel, comprised of scarf-jointed wood veneers, running parallel to the length of the panel beam. The beams are cut and/or shaped, to their end-use specification, and pressure-treated with AQUA SEAL® copper oxide formulated preservatives. AQUA BEAM PLUS is kiln-dried, after treating, to maintain stability, flatness and good resin adhesion. AQUA BEAM PLUS is fully covered under our AQUA TECH® Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Aqua Beam Plus utilizes Western Group 1 veneers that have been dried and pre-graded for strength by a Metriguard ultrasonic grader.
  • All Aqua Beam Plus billet manufacturing specifications meet or exceed the standards of PRL-501 as outlined by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • Aqua Seal preservative is forced into the cellular structure of the Aqua Beam Plus through a vacuum and pressure process.
  • Aqua Beam Plus comes in standard size 3-1/2" through 14" wide by 96" (8') through 240" (20') long.
  • Aqua Beam Plus carries a lifetime limited warranty against fungal decay, against attack by termites and against manufacturing defects like delamination.