AQUA CEL Difference

For those that believe Quality in equals Quality out, We offer Quality Throughout.  

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Let's face it, there are many options when it comes to marine composite panels.  Which one to choose?  If your choice ultimately requires quality, we offer two versions of our AQUA CEL® for your tough marine applications.

Whether your requirements call for a smooth surface, for  upholstered parts like seat benches and backs, or your requirements call for an abraded surface with superior screw holding and exceptional fiberglass adhesion for the floor liner, AQUA CEL is offered with either a Smooth face/back or an Abraded face/back.  Contact our knowledgeable marine sales team who will provide you with the details on which AQUA CEL panel is right for you.

Aqua Cel® - Smooth Features

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio.
  • Closed cell structure panel with extremely low water absorption values.
  • Positive flotation rating.
  • Staple withdrawal numbers that are over 34% better than plywood.

Aqua Cel® - Abraded Features

  • Compatible with virtually all resin systems.
  • Adds substantial stiffness and flexural strength to fiberglass sandwich laminates with very little weight gain.
  • Lighter than water and it floats.
  • Screw holding numbers that are over 40% better than plywood.